Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baseball Math

When I was in the masters program they had us create many games and lesson plans.  This is one of the things I made.  I initially made it to use to practice high frequency words but we used it today to play math baseball!  It was a BEAUTIFUL Colorado day so I armed the kids with whiteboards and erasers and we headed for the field.  I was the pitcher and would write and addition problem on a board.  There would be one person from each team up to bat, a hitter and a catcher.  If the catcher got the problem correct first the hitter was out.  If the hitter got the problem correct first they took a base.  If neither got it right it was a strike.  Everyone else on the team has to do the problem as well.  I think next time we will use flash cards to keep it simpler and quicker.

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